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Certificate of Training

From Leinad Studios

Beginner friendly

No prior knowledge required

8+ weeks duration

2-3 hrs/day

Physical Training

Improved learning with live tutor

Placement assistance

To kick-start your career

Be in demand

Learn in-demand tech skills this 2022

Creative Solutions And
Results That Grow Brands

Accelerating career in Design and Tech. We are Pacesetters in digital trends.
We have 5+ years experience in training individuals and corporate bodies, as a result, making you have a smooth sail as you advance in your careers in these digital skills.
Certainly, Students always look forward to the next class because they are impactful, flexible and fun. Above all, think beyond the box and Join over 500+ students and Kick-start your career today via our digital training offers!
Get the advantage to learn and brainstorm from seasoned tutors.

Need help in choosing a Course?

Deciding which course to pick as a beginner or switching courses or careers might be difficult. Notwithstanding, there’s nothing to worry about, reach out to us and we would be happy to offer personalized suggestions on the best digital skills or digital training for you!

Accelerate your career

For Graduates

These empower graduates by providing them with the tools they need, therefore, making them thrive in an ever-changing digital world, develop and grow in-demand skills.

These courses assist fresh or long time graduates who want to start a career or transition to another career in relation to digital skills, by making them more qualified to be a freelancer or join a firm.

These courses include: 3D Animation, Digital Marketing or SEO, Web Design or development, Graphics design, UI/UX design, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Cinematography and much more.

For Corporate Bodies and Groups

Assist employees to obtain needed in-demand skills your business needs. These courses are well tailored to meet the needs of your brand and ensure you have skilled personnel in your organization. This makes your workplace a freer and simpler place to navigate across all departments.

Furthermore, promote digital literacy at your institution and drive collaboration, diversity and innovative thinking among employees. In addition, enroll your employees to grasp In-demand IT and digital skills to transform your business. These courses can be taken individually or as combo courses!


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