Product Management

LS Academy Product Management Bootcamp offers students the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to navigate product management complexities.

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The goal of this course is to assist you in launching a career in product management. It is designed for individuals who wish to enter the field, advance their careers quickly by learning a lot, and develop their skills to the fullest so they may create tech products that better benefit consumers.

Product managers bear the responsibility of overseeing a product through all phases of its development, from conception to launch, and guaranteeing its success. Product Managers strike a balance between technological feasibility, customer demand, and business viability. Gain knowledge from the experienced PM’s in the field and enhance your ability to advance your career in Product Management.

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  • Upcoming Cohorts: 1st April 2024 - 31st July, 2024


  • The LS Academy Product Management Bootcamp is specifically designed for beginners. There’s no experience required to apply, be accepted, or succeed. if you have a background in the following fields, we welcome you to join us:
  • - Healthcare
  • - Manufacturing
  • - Finance
  • - Marketing
  • - Programming
  • - Design
  • - Admin
  • - Customer Support and many more

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify basic functions of Product Management
  • Stages of the Product Development Cycle
  • Under tools like Jira, Balsamiq, Figma, Google Analytics, Strategyze.
  • Build key assets to drive product development
  • Hypothesis validation.


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