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Career choices in the Technological Space.

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Questions about technological jobs have usually yielded confusing answers. The complexity and magnitude of the technology space could be said to be responsible for this. The layman is usually at a loss trying to figure out the best career path to take, he holds beliefs about IT jobs that are sometimes very far from reality.


We would be shedding light on some of the job offers and career choices that are available in the technological world. Some of these jobs are based on a person’s choice of hobbies which should make walking down the path an interesting one.


  1. Data Science:


If you’re someone with a desire to analyze things and still be interested in making more research about the object of interest. You enjoy hunting down supporting data, trends, or facts to satisfy your curiosity. Then a career in line with Data science would be the right choice to make.


Career choices:


  • Data scientist:

    A data scientist combines the knowledge of computer science, statistics, and mathematics. His job is to process and model data to create actionable plans for companies and organizations.


  • Data analyst:

A data analyst’s job is to scrutinize information while making use of analytical tools. The knowledge obtained from these raw data is used in making important decisions and identifying various trends.


  • Data engineer:

As a data engineer you’re responsible for finding trends in data sets and developing algorithms that make raw data more useful. This requires deep technical skills.



Skills required:


  • Python


  • SQL


  • R


  • Excel



  1. App Development:


You could be someone who enjoys spending time building things. You enjoy the challenge that comes with creating new things that reflect your ideas. And you feel proud of watching people use the things you create.


If you’re someone like this, then a career in App development would be best suited for you. As an App developer, you create digital products like mobile or web applications for users. You help to bring any idea to life in the form of an app.


Career choices:


  • Full-stack developer:

As a full-stack developer, you’re responsible for the back-end (the part of a website or application that makes the application or website work, it’s hidden from users, hence the name back-end) and also taking care of the front-end (the part of the website that users see and interact with). You would need knowledge of servers and databases as well as a knowledge of web designing.


  • Software engineer:

Researches, designs, and writes new software programs. You evaluate software and systems and develop existing programs by analyzing and identifying areas of modification.


Required skills:


  • Python


  • Java


  • SQL






  1. Graphics Designer:


A visually artistic person would find the field of a graphic designer to be a comfortable one. Over here your knowledge and love for colors are put to creative use. You get to design and give products and service an image.


Working with feedback gotten from both the public and your client or boss, you create artistic messages in the form of art.


Career choices:


  • Research designer:

Makes researches and collects data accurately and economically, while taking charge of making sure the collected data is per the problem at hand.


  • Product strategist:

You identify new opportunities in the market for the company. You identify new opportunities, access the company’s product performance, and help to develop long-term plans for future product lines. It’s common for you to be part of the management team.


  • Brand strategist:

As a brand strategist, you understand the company’s products and target audiences. You tailor the company’s messages and strategy in line with what’s best for boosting the company’s sales.


Skills needed:


  • Adobe Softwares


  • Figma


  • Sketch


  1. Cloud Computing:


Most businesses are moving to the cloud and the need for individuals skilled in cloud computing is in high demand.


You’re responsible for designing cloud infrastructures and also deploying systems and apps on the cloud. Companies like Netflix, Zoom, Dropbox all need a cloud technician.


Career choices:


  • Cloud developer:

Your job is to create applications that run on the cloud. This job is similar to that of a software engineer, except that these programs run in a virtual system. You’re going to spend time analyzing customer’s needs, designing systems and solutions while coding and debugging.


  • Cloud engineer:

You design, implement and manage cloud-based systems for businesses.


  • Cloud architect:

As a cloud architect your job is to develop the company’s computing strategy. You also incorporate into these plans cloud adoption, cloud management, and monitoring as well as cloud application design.




  • Cloud service platform expertise..


  • Application programming interfaces (APIs).


  • Database management.


  • Network management skills.




  1. Management Role:


If you’re someone who enjoys organizing, facilitating, managing while working with users to establish requirements and make things happen. Then this would be a good fit for you.

Career choices:


  • Serum master:

Your job is to make sure that the team lives agile values and principles. You would be responsible for making sure that the team sticks to the core values previously agreed on.


  • Product owner:

You’re responsible for defining stories and prioritizing team backlog to streamline the execution of program priorities while maintaining the conceptual and technical integrity of the features for the team. You would also be a member of the Agile team.


  • Product manager:

You identify the customers’ needs and the business objectives a product or business will fulfill. Try to articulate what success would look like for the product. Once this is done you rally a team to make that vision a reality.




  • Agile


  • Jira


  • SQL


  • Growth analytics



  1. Digital Advertiser:


Knowledge on how to run digital ads, interpret Google analytics, creating KPIs, revising SEO and storytelling would make you a top candidate for a marketing role.


As a digital marketer, you’re focused on pushing the reach of your client’s or boss’s business to more prospective customers, while making use of online tools and services.


Career choices:


  • Social media specialist:

You’re responsible for creating and publishing content on the company’s or organization’s social media handler. The aim is to grow an audience, build brand awareness and ultimately boost sales.


  • Social media/web marketer:

You create social media campaigns and strategies. Taking care of budget planning, content ideation and implementation schedule would also be your responsibility. You create and distribute engaging written and graphic content in the form of e-, web page, and not content.


  • Product marketing specialist:

As a product marketing specialist, you would be responsible for creating demand for the product through revenue positioning, messaging, and marketing programs.


  • Skills:


  • SEO and SEM.


  • Data Analysis.


  • Social Media.


  • Pay-Per-Click and Social Media Advertising.


  • Email Marketing.


  • Basic Design Skills.

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