Graphics Design Course

This Graphic Design Course in Lagos, Nigeria will teach you how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop as used in the creative design industry. You will also learn the use and application of graphic elements and principles of design in this course, getting inspiration for your designs, common errors and issues faced as a designer and tips that can assist you as you progress in this career.

What the course covers

Introduction to design

– What is Design

– Type of Design in relationship to digital and visual design

– What it takes to be a good Graphics Designer

– Difference between Vector and Raster design tools

Introduction to Design Principles

– Hierarchy

– Balance

– Repetition

– Proximity

– Contrast e.t.c

Understanding Color in Design

– Type of Colours ( Natural colour, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colours )

– What are Hue, Tint and Shade

– Understanding colour theory

– Understanding the colour wheel and its usefulness

– Types of  Colour combinations based on the Colour Wheel

  1. Monochromatic colour

  2. Analogous colour

  3. Complementary colour

  4. Spilt- Complementary colour


– Understanding the usefulness of Typography in design

– Difference between Font and Typeface

– Type of Typeface and its Difference (Serif, San-serif e.t.c )

– Understanding when to use a Typeface in design

– Understanding other Typography terms like tracking, kerning, line height e.t.c

Understanding different design file formats (Eps, cdr, png, jpeg e.t.c)

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

– Why and When should we use Adobe illustrator

– Getting familiar with some tips and Adobe illustrator interface

– Setting up a new document and opening a document

– Setting up Adobe illustrator workspace

– Understanding how layers, sub-layers of panels and artboard work

– Drawing lines and basic shapes

– How to use the pen tool and curvature tool

– Working with colour and typography in Adobe illustrator

– Working with other tools on the Adobe illustrator  toolbar

– Working with some advance feature of Adobe illustrator like blend mode, transform tool, clipping mask, e.t. c

– Creating various type of flyers, office, stationary and all other design

Introduction to Adobe illustrator (Part 2)

Logo design

– Understanding the types of Logo

– Understanding Logo Design Process

– Understanding various way of creating a Logo

– Applications of Logos using mockups

– Presentation of Logo using mockups

– Exporting and importing file in Adobe illustrator

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

– The reason for using Adobe Photoshop instead of Adobe illustrator

– Getting familiar with Adobe Photoshop tools

– Setting up a new document and workspace

– Understanding how Adobe Photoshop layers work

– Working with multiple artboards

– Exporting and saving Adobe illustrator file

– Working with images

– Working with Type and Colour

– Working with Tone, Colour and Hue adjustment layer

– Working with advanced layers levels,  vibrance, e.t. C and other blending mode options

– Working with other tools like Lasso tools, Patch tools e.t.c and advanced feature

– Editing and retouching images

– Designing several marketing and social media poster design

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