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Top 10 mistakes Digital marketers make and how to avoid them.

Mistakes to avoid as a digital marketer | top mistakes to avoid as a digital marketer | digital marketing training in lagosThe widespread adoption of the internet has seen massive growth in the usage of the internet. Businesses are in the race to market their product and services to their potential customers and clients. But most of these businesses make common mistakes that render their desire to attract potential clients a painful one.


Here are 10 common mistakes made by businesses and digital marketers and how to avoid making them.


  1. Targeting the wrong audience:


Most Digital marketers and businesses today are guilty of this mistake. It is a common belief among new marketers that the larger the group being advertised to the more positive result one can expect to get. This is a total fallacy because it only leads to a wasted form of energy and resources.


Sending ads towards the wrong audience happens when businesses don’t clearly define their customer’s persona. Not taking time to research more on what kind of people would be interested in the product and services that your business has to offer leads to this wasted form of advertising.


How to avoid this mistake:


  • Develop a customer’s persona. Read how
  • Define who would be interested in your business.
  • Source for data on your prospect.
  • Analyze results gotten from ads campaigns to know if you’re on the right track.


2.Improper use of SEO or total neglect of it:


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of adding trending keywords to the content being created by your business. Most people begin their search for a product or service through a search on a search engine like Google or Bing.


Proper use of SEO increases your chances of being on the front page of each search queries and this boosts the organic traffic that you get to your business.


95% of online experiences begin with a search engine-Search Engine Journal


Investing in yourself the knowledge of SEO would increase the number of qualified leads and increase the exposure of your business to prospects. This would also give you an idea of what’s trending in your industry and what your customers are interested in – data that would prove useful in the long run m


How to avoid this mistake:


  • Focus on using the right keywords.
  • Make use of backlinks.
  • Deliver contents of high quality and relevance to your industry.
  • Make use of search engine suggestions as a tool for your search.
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself “What would I be searching for?”.


  1. Neglecting the importance of Blogging:


Blogging with a defined strategy and a focus on generating value for your readers increases the traffic to your online business. Focusing on this form of productivity increases your leads and visibility on search engines.


How to avoid this mistake:


  • Blog more frequently.
  • Invest in creating quality content in your blog.
  • Notice your audiences’ interaction and respond diplomatically to them.


  1. Not giving much significance to social media platforms:


Most businesses ignore how important strategically using their social media handle is to their business.


The average user spends more than 20% of their time on a social media platform.


Posting social media ads aimlessly harms businesses. As not all businesses are suitable for every kind of platform and not every kind of ad would capture your target audience.


How to avoid this mistake:


  • First, determine the right social media platform to capture your audience.
  • Team up with influencers on these platforms.
  • Find the time of the day that yields the highest number of engagements.
  • Be consistent with delivering value and growing your follower base.


  1. The lack of realistically SMART goals:


SMART is an abbreviated form of

S – Smart

M- Measurable

A- Attainable

R- Realistic

T- Timely


Setting smart goals involves implementing these five points in the development of those goals. Lack of SMART goals results in negative results for online businesses and digital marketers.


How to avoid this mistake:


  • Be specific about the kind of results you want.
  • Make sure the goals you set are achievable.
  • So do not forget that goals need a time limit – Be time-sensitive.


  1. Not paying attention to the complaints and feedback gotten from your customers:


Customer feedback gives a lot of insight as to whether or not your business is generating the value you desire it to generate. Neglecting to pay attention to what your customers have to say – whether negative or positive would hurt your business.


Paying attention to your customer care services and considering the complaints and suggestions in mapping your business roadmap would be beneficial to the growth of your business.


How to avoid this mistake:


  • Check out third-party research on the state of your customers in your industry to get an insight.
  • Communicate with your sales department, support teams, and stakeholders that are familiar with the complaints of your customers
  • Through customer interviews, surveys, and customer care services you can analyze the state of your customers and the state of your business.


  1. Being impatient with growth:


Not understanding that some forms of digital marketing can take some time to get desired results can drive digital marketers to abandon a firm of marketing that would have yielded the most desired results.


Facebook ads can take at least a week to yield noticeable results and SEO can take as much as 2 – 6 months, understanding this gives an insight into the kind of patience required for each digital marketing campaign.


How to avoid this mistake:


  • Find out the average time required to get the results you want for your selected form of marketing.
  • Stay patient and positive and focus on the numbers.
  • Be realistic in your expectations.


  1. Not making proper use of customer’s reviews and testimonials:


Almost an average of digital marketers believes that implementing proper use of customer reviews and testimonials would greatly increase sales. It also increases the credibility of the brand and also increases the conversion of leads.


How to avoid this mistake:


  • Implement customer review in your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Ask your customers to share their reviews with you and make proper use of them.


  1. Failing to remarket yourself to your audience:


Most businesses are so focused on getting new customers that they neglect the old ones that they already have. Failing to remarket yourself to your already existing customer base would inhibit the growth of your customer base.


The goal should be to widen your customer base and so your already existing customers matter.


How to avoid this mistake:


  • Focus on improving the quality content in your email marketing content.
  • Develop a relationship with your customers.
  • Organize promos and loyalty discounts.


  1. Employing too many strategies without well-defined resources and focused planning:


The use of many digital marketing tools and strategies all at once can make it very difficult to track the positive results each would bring. You won’t be able to know what’s working and what is not working.


Being specific in the strategies and tools you employ would yield more results and growth in the long run.


How to avoid this mistake:


  • Stay specific to your niche and what it needs
  • Stay relevant in the value you produce in your content.
  • Stay consistent in the efforts you employ.

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