Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is one of the most in-demand skills in the world today. Are you looking for a simple-yet powerful digital marketing course that will assist your business strategies or career growth? This course will help you, business owners and individuals grow their online presence using a value-driven strategy and have exponential growth.

Learn how to use, explore social media platforms and key metrics in line with your business needs. Understand each platform and master how they can work together as you navigate this career path


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All in One Digital Marketing Course

Learn Google Analytics 4

Snapchat Ads Setup

Why learn Digital Marketing?

Take your idea to millions:

Whether you have a brand, app, blog, YouTube channel, or want to increase sales; digital marketing can help you reach millions of people!


Be in demand:

Digital marketing is one of the hottest career options these days with thousands of internships and jobs being added everyday.


Get Better Pay:

Do you want to increase your salary? Start learning digital marketing.

There is a massive demand for digital marketing professionals. Because of this high demand, the pay for digital marketing roles is also high.

You can get better roles in the organization because of your expertise, which can help you enhance your salary.

Wouldn’t a pay raise be amazing?


Give me more reasons to learn digital marketing

What You Would Learn in this Course

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

1.1 Career opportunities in Digital  Marketing

2. Digital Marketing Strategy

3. Google

3.1 Google Ads

3.2 Google Analytics

3.3 Search Console

3.4 Generating and Submitting sitemaps to Google and Bing

3.5 Using Robot.txt

4. Meta Title, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords

5. Using Webmaster tools like SEMRUSH, Ahref, Moz, Ubersuggest

6. How to do Keywords Research

7. Competitor Analysis

7.1 How to do Market Research

7.2 How to do Organic Research

7.3 How to do Gap Analysis

8. Search Engine Optimization

8.1 Introduction to SEO

8.2 On-Page

8.3 Off-page SEO

8.4 Technical SEO

8.5 Mobile SEO

9. Backlinks Strategy

9.1 Getting high quality links

9.2 Submitting backlinks

9.3 Online Directories

10. Social Media Marketing

10.1 Introduction to Social Media

10.2 Facebook

10.2.1 Creating a page on Facebook
10.2.2 Creating an ad on Facebook
10.2.3 Adding payment to Facebook Ad account
10.2.4 Best media (images and Videos) resolution for Facebook and Instagram ads
10.2.5 Using the Ads manager
10.2.6 Running Instagram ads on Facebook
10.2.7 How to setup Facebook pixel

10.3 Instagram

10.3.1 Switching to a professional account on Instagram
10.3.2 Ads setup on Instagram
10.3.3 Creating ads using Instagram leads
10.3.4 Adding payment methods to Instagram account
10.3.5 Troubleshooting common problems with Instagram and Facebook ads and account

10.4 Snapchat ads

10.4.1 Using the simple and advance snapchat ads setup

10.5 YouTube Marketing

10.5.1 Creating a YouTube channel
10.5.2 YouTube monetization
10.5.3 Linking YouTube account to Google Analytics

10.6 Twitter ads

10.7 LinkedIn Ads

11. Inbound Marketing

12. Content Marketing

12.1 How to do Content marketing research

12.2 How to do Topic Research

12.3 How to write an article that ranks

13. Email Marketing

13.1 Introduction to Email Marketing

13.2 Setting up professional email address

13.3 Creating Pop up forms

13.4 Linking your website for pop up forms

13.5 Email Segmentation and tags

13.6 Creating a landing page

14. Video Marketing

15. Web Optimization

15.1 Checking page speed

15.2 Tips for improving page speed

15.3 Plugins for optimizing web contents

Master LinkedIn Ads Setup

Join Facebook Ads Bootcamp

Setting up Twitter Ads

Course Highlights

Certificate of Training

From Leinad Studios

Beginner friendly

No prior knowledge required

8 weeks duration

2-3 hrs/day

5 International Certificates

Stand out from other applicants

Job Recommendation

To kick-start your career

Be in demand

Learn best marketing techniques this 2022


This is very helpful in making me learning about marketing in digital world. This is also going to be helpful for me in future. And as well the certificate of this will be beneficial for me in future.thank to Leinad Digital marketing team
Taibat IdowuTaibat Idowu
13:36 22 Aug 22
It was of a great pleasure learning digital marketing with you! “Your teaching skills was topnotch especially how you made SEO, Google Analytics, content marketing among others easy to understand”. I repeat, Leinadstudios is doing very well when it comes to digital impact.🤗🤗
Alid SulaimanAlid Sulaiman
15:26 30 Jun 22
I had the most thorough frontend development course. The training was intensive with 1 month for project and portfolio preparation.
If you're looking for a place in Lagos to learn user Interface and user experience design, I will definitely recommend them.
Oluwabusayo AwodugbaOluwabusayo Awodugba
09:02 23 May 22
Leinad Studios is the best Front-End web development school in Lagos, Nigeria. The training was practical and intensive. Now I believe I can take up internship and entry level development roles 😀

Certifications earned after the program are:

  • Google Analytics – Beginners

  • Google Analytics – Advance

  • Google Analytics 4 Certification

  • Google Ads

  • SEMRUSH SEO Fundamentals Course

  • Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Course

  • A certificate of completion issued by Leinad Studios.

Frequently Asked Questions for Digital Marketing

What is the salary of a digital marketer?

Digital marketers salary can start from ₦50,000 monthly. Experienced digital marketers can earn over ₦300,000 monthly.

Can I work from home as a digital marketer?

Yes, Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere. Your work can be fully remote or hybrid as most of your tasks will be completed online.

Is digital marketing a good career in 2022?

There is a massive need for skilled and result-driven Digital marketers recently. Digital marketing can be the right career choice for you in 2022.

Is SEO digital marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of digital marketing. With SEO, your website can rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu. It makes your website more visible, hence more traffic opportunities and conversions.

How much does an SEO expert earn in Nigeria?

The average salary of an SEO expert in Nigeria is ₦700,000 per year.

How much does an SEO expert earn in US?

The average salary of an SEO expert in USA is $50,000 per year.

How many years is needed to become a digital marketer?

An average of 3 years is needed to become a professional digital marketer. Statistically, it takes between 4 months to five years to become a digital marketer in 2022.

Are there professional exams for digital marketing after my training?

Yes, there are professional exams after your training. These exams are available both free and paid. We would offer you free consultation and assist you to prepare and have outstanding results in the exams.

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