Digital Marketing- Getting Started in 2022

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Digital Marketing- Beginner’s Guide

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Technology continues to grow at the speed of light, with more than half of the world going online in the last decade. This massive shift has greatly affected how people purchase goods and services.


It’s only natural that businesses go online in an attempt to catch the eyes of their potential customers and clients. This development is responsible for the increased interest in digital marketing.

Before delving into how businesses use this amazing marketing tool to their advantage, you might wonder, what is digital marketing exactly?

This is simply a way of developing connections with your prospective customers and clients online.


What Exactly Is Digital Marketing?


This is an effort made online to introduce people to your business. It could be in the form of pay-per-click, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, or even through podcasts.

Businesses have developed various assets to aid in marketing their products online. These digital assets introduce to your potential customers the relevance of your products and services to their needs.

Here are a few –

  • Your Business’s Website: This is your space online, and usually the first experience your customers get as they desire to interact with you.

  • Branded Assets: This includes logos, icons, and acronyms of your business.

  • Videos: This includes video ads, product demo, etc.

  • Images: these are infographics, pictures of your products and company

  • Written contents: this includes blogs, eBooks, products descriptions, and testimonials.

  • Online products and tools: This includes SAAS, calculators, and interactive content.

  • Reviews: Customer reviews can also be a form of digital marketing.

  • Social media pages: This includes your business’s presence on social media platforms.


Why Digital Marketing?

Improving the digital involvement of any business not only gives that business a chance at surviving the changes in time, but to also grow its customers base. As such businesses must do their best to invest in digital marketing. We would review some of the strategies being implemented by business-to-consumers companies and business-to-business companies.


  • B2B(Business-to-Business) companies:

Companies like this sell highly expensive products and services, and most times, their targeted clients are usually other businesses. Due to the nature of the business and the low number of potential customers, the focus  here is on the marketing and sales funnel.


  • B2C(Business-to-Consumer) companies:

These companies have a lower price tag on their products when compared to B2B companies. And as such are only interested in driving the needed customers to their websites or stores. They experience great results and surges in sales as their customer base is large when compared to B2B companies.



Digital Marketing Strategies.

To further boost their reach to their customers, and also make sure that their product and services get exposed to the right customers. Businesses have developed strategies to make this possible. The refinement of these strategies is a continuous one. Here is a list of strategies employed by businesses today.

  • Email marketing: This involves reaching out to clients and introducing them to your business through their email addresses.

  • Social media marketing: Most businesses today make use of social media platforms to boost their reach to potential customers. Since most people today have at least a social media account, the growth of social media marketing in previous years has been exponential.

  • Paid social media advertising: This is the act of paying online influencers to promote your product and services to their fans and subscribers.

  • Search engine optimization: SEO for short, is a means of using specific keywords to rank up your content on search engines. Businesses use this as a cheap alternative to driving traffic to their businesses.

  • Conversion rate optimization: Businesses strive to improve the user experience of their online presence. This increases the acceptability of potential customers towards the business.

  • Paid Search Advertising: Most search engines like Google and Bing allow businesses to advertise on their search pages. This is an efficient way of reaching potential customers as your products and services presented directly to people as they search for them.

  • Pay per click: This is simply when you pay for every user that clicks on your advert.

  • Native marketing: At the bottom of most online stores and blog posts are suggestions. This suggestion leads the customers to other similar products, services, or blogs that would keep the interest of that customer in that business.

  • Affiliate marketing: Most influencers have loyal followers and these followers would follow the recommendations of these influencers. Affiliate marketing is where a certain percentage is paid to these influencers to promote your goods and services to their followers.

The transition of digital marketing into the mobile space.

Over the years there has been an increase in the number of internet users who access the internet through mobile. This has caused major advertising companies to switch their advertising mode to focus more on mobile devices.



Diving into the world of digital marketing.

It’s usually a breeze getting started with Digital Marketing. But first, there are certain questions you need to have answers to before taking the step of investing in digital marketing.


  • What are your financial goals?

Identifying your financial goals would help you in tailoring your expectations in line with what your business needs.


  • Who is your target audience?

You need to have a persona profile for the kind of people that would most likely show interest in your business. This helps you organize your digital marketing campaign to yield the most positive results.


  • How much are your target audience willing to pay?

Finding out how deep your prospective customers’ pocket is would help in adjusting your budget to yield out the maximum profit for your business.


  • What’s the budget needed to hit your goals?

Once there is an answer to all the questions above, then a budget can be done which include the estimated cost of the digital marketing campaign.

This is usually divided into weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly budget, doing the right things, consistently. A clear and reasonable budget could be the key in getting closer to your competitors





The world would continue to advance and more strategies would keep developing to help businesses grow. Due to this, it is usually advised that business owners stay on their toes in finding out ways to further reach their customers through the online world.

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