Get the knowledge you need to become a Motion Designer

We teach various categories of motion graphic from two-dimensional flat movement to three-dimensional solid animation. Don’t worry, we have all the best software that enable you to start your motion graphic career after being nurtured by our professional instructors.

Classes kicks off from the introduction to After effects This would fast track your knowledge in becoming familiar with the user interface and the ‘where to go’ in the softwares. In the professional course, you would get to learn how to create animation using shape layers, using transformation property and key frame, color grading and correction, compositing.

You would also learn how to track objects in 3D scenes for music and films. After taking the class, you would be comfortable using After effects with little or no supervision. Having basic knowledge of graphics software’s is highly recommended

Software: After Effect, Cinema 4D, and other third-party plugins.


Course Summary

  • Cinema 4D Fundamental
  • Gizmo and Cinema 4D Shortcut
  • Understanding Object Manager
  • Polygons, Null and Primitive Objects
  • Introduction to active object and cloner
  • Editing Object with Point, Edge and Polygon Tools
  • Working with Splines and NURBS
  • Introduction to Materials and Shaders
  • Mograph exploration and dynamics
  • Lighting and Shadow in Cinema 4D
  • Rendering and Ambient Occlusion
  • Camera Setting and Layout
  • Introduction to Keyframing and Animation
  • After Effect basic and advance tools
  • Using third party plugging / software
  • Revisions
  • Project