Motion Graphics Course using Adobe After Effects


Begin with the fundamentals of motion graphics and the up to date trends in animation. Refine your Motion Design skills using After Effects, Adobe Illustrator and Cinema 4D

Motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital footage which create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. Being able to create, design and animate graphics to communicate and tell a story is a valuable skill to have in 2022.

Leinad Studios will assist you to learn the leading and top motion graphics techniques and practices through our expert-led courses, interactive classes and project based portfolios.

What the Motion Graphics Course Covers

  • Exploring the interface of After Effects

  • Importing files into After Effects

  • Understanding compositions

  • Exploring composition and project settings

  • Importing Photoshop files as compositions

  • Importing Illustrator files as compositions

  • Understanding Pre-compose

  • Working with layers

  • Applying effects

  • Creating type layers

  • Kerning-type power shortcuts

  • Understanding layer solids

  • Layer compositing – Masks, switches, and blend modes

  • Using track mattes

  • Understanding animation

  • Adding and adjusting keyframes

  • Understanding keyframe interpolation

  • Adjusting keyframes in the Graph Editor

  • Parenting

  • Using null objects

  • Creating expressions with the pickwhip

  • Timing animation to audio

  • Understanding the order of effects

  • Generating backgrounds with effects

  • Animating strokes with effects

  • Using adjustment layers

  • Adding gradients and glows

  • Intro to cameras

  • Intro to lights and material options

  • Animating cameras

  • Rendering with Adobe Media Encoder

  • Rendering graphics in the render queue

  • Working smarter – One render, multiple outputs

  • Creating type animators

  • Creating and animating type on a path

  • Animating shape layers

  • Animating repeating shape layers

  • Animating brush strokes with Paint

  • Building a lower third

  • Animating a credit roll

  • Time stretching layers with Frame Blending

  • Retiming with Time Remapping

  • Retiming footage with Timewarp

  • Smoothing shaky camera footage with Warp Stabilizer VFX

  • Refining your key with Keylight

  • Cleaning up keys with masks

  • Rotoscoping with masks

  • Introducing the Roto Brush

  • Refining the Roto Brush

  • Archiving your projects

  • Removing unused footage

  • Moving compositions between projects

  • Optimizing preferences