Get the knowledge you need to become a pro Cinematographer

We teach students that story leads the process and dictates the visual evolution of a film. With continual practical, we will equip you on how to creatively tell tomorrow ideas today. Here, you will learn the art of producing and directing movies, music and commercial. The process of interpreting script or storyboard to real life activity is also paramount for all our prospective cinematography students.

In the field, you would be privileged to take different scenes from various scenarios. We will guide you on how to position your camera and target different shots from drone, closed to full shot. Lighting and good camera angle has always been most videographer challenges, we will teach you how to work with reflection and refraction of light from the Sun or artificial light source. Also, how to work with 3 points triangular light system and more.

At the end of this course, students will be prepared to work in creative fields that demand knowledge of storytelling, branding, strategic thinking, concept development, script writing, content development, film and video production.

Course Summary

  • Introduction to Cinematography
  • Motion Photography
  • Principle of photography and technology
  • Lenses and Camera Handling and Composition
  • Lighting and Optics
  • Theory and Principles of lighting
  • Lighting equipment and Light intensity measurement
  • Introduction to Film Production and Directing
  • Sound Production System
  • Application and characteristics of Microphone
  • Television history
  • Revisions
  • Class Project
  • Final Project