Get the knowledge you need to become a Video Editor

Video editing training with us, will ensure you are qualified to seek for opportunities in film industry, music production, media center, animation companies and among others. We will put you through the entire process of editing video from cutting of clip, transitioning and more.

Using industry standard editing software like Premiere pro, you would be able to achieve professional video output by understanding tools like razor, slide, rate stretch, rolling edit, ripple edit etc. You will also learn how to edit sound and voice over using various audio effect that align with the visual. We will not get tired until we are sure that you can confidently edit a full video scene with little or no supervision.

As a qualified video editor, we expect you to create a short comedy skit, movie or musical video without guidance from professionals. Your project supervisor will only guide you and approve your work as you move to the next phase of the project.

Software: Adobe Premiere pro, Adobe Media Encoder and other third party plugins.


Course Summary

  • Introduction to Premiere Pro
  • Getting Acquitted with After Effect
  • Video Editing Fundamental
  • Understanding Composition and Workspace
  • Basic and Advance Editing Tools
  • Audio Editing and Synchroneity
  • Still and Graphic Editor
  • Multi Camera Editing
  • Introduction to Video Transitions
  • Audio Effects and Manipulation
  • Adding Title and Subtitle to Projects
  • Video Effects and Applications
  • Introduction to Color Correction and Grading
  • Embedment and Exportation with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Exporting and Compressing Projects in different file format
  • Revision
  • Project