3D Animation Course

This 3d animation training covers important 3d pipelines in the Animation industry. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, this course is for you.

Softwares: Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Character Animation Module

Character Animation Module


  1. Clean up the scene and rig(s) for animation

  2. Sourcing and creating animation references

  3. Creating video and image sequence

  4. Importing Sequence

  5. Importing audio

  6. Animating a bouncing ball

  7. Creating walk cycle

  8. Creating Run cycle

  9. Understanding Graph Editors

  10. Creating and Animating Cameras

  11. Creating Lip sync(Advance)

  12. Body Mechanics(Advance)

  13. Facial Expression(Advance)

  14. Rendering, Exporting and Compiling

Character Rigging Module

Body Rigging Module


  1. Understanding Body anatomy for Bipeds

  2. Set and clean up the Character for Rigging

  3. Joints Placement for the body

  4. Joints orientation

  5. Skinning

  6. Weight Painting

  7. Mirroring

  8. Troubleshooting common problems in Character Rigging

Facial Rigging Module

  1. Facial Anatomy

  2. Clean up character head

  3. Eyes, Teeth and Tongue Setup

  4. Blend shape systems in Maya

  5. Nose, Cheeks and Mouth Blend shape

  6. Brows Blend shape

  7. Eyelids and Blink Blend shapes

  8. Mirror and Combo Blend shapes

  9. Creating GUI

  10. Final Details and Connection to the body

  11. Facial Animation, Rendering and Export

Character Modelling Module

Character Modelling Module


  1. Understanding Body anatomy for Bipeds

  2. Set and clean up the scene for modelling

  3. Creating Character Reference

  4. Modelling the Torsos

  5. Finger Modelling

  6. Face Modelling

  7. Understanding Facial Topology

  8. Nose Modelling

  9. Ear Modelling

  10. Eye Modelling

  11. Mouth Modelling

  12. Texturing the teeth, eyes and skin

  13. Character Lighting

  14. Rendering and Exporting

Scene Modelling Module

Scene Modelling Module

  1. Sourcing and Creating Reference

  2. Props modelling

  3. Exterior modelling

  4. Understanding scaling in Maya

  5. Texturing scene

  6. Light setup

  7. Rendering

  8. Exporting

3D Animation Complete Bootcamp

₦300,000 20 weeks
  • Time: 9-12pm or 1-3pm
  • Softwares: Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Premier Pro, After Effects
  • 1 Months free Mentorship

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